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The underlying principle of gardening and garden construction, especially in the case of amateur enthusiasts, is the love of plants. Plants are living organisms, which according to certain sophisticated theories, can feel and perceive.

In any case, the care and love we show towards them gives them life, radiance and grace, bringing out a beautiful visual effect.

There are thousands of species of plants, as we all know, each one with different, special needs. Even among the same plant families, needs might vary. Therefore, the primary goal of gardening is knowing these needs.

For instance, some plants might need increased exposure to sunlight, increased air or soil moisture, a particular soil composition and type (e.g. acidic or alkaline soil) and so forth. This knowledge is essential to ensure the optimal plant growth and appearance.

It is thus paramount to understand and meet the needs of a plant, so that it can be planted and grown in the appropriate environment. If amateur gardeners are not certain about the special needs of each plant, they are encouraged to seek advice or research further. The best resources would be gardening professionals, agronomists specialised in horticulture as well as certain specialised books.